DWARF is a format for debugging info relating to ELF files. Standard compilations of binaries do not contain DWARF info. However, when you compile binaries with this info (generally with the -g flag), much more useful inforamtion is available. This plugin attempts to expose that information.

General Interaction

General interaction with the DWARF plugin is via the modules. For instance:

bin = process.modules['bin']
dwarf = bin.dwarf


Functions are enumerated and exposed via the functions property. You can utilize the lookup_function() method to resolve an address to it’s function.

Source Lookup

The DWARF plugin can assist with looking up what the corresponding file and line number would be for a given address. As with all things in revenge this address is the current loaded address, rather than a base address. This lookup can be done via lookup_file_line().

You can also ask DWARF to “decompile” an address for you. Note, this isn’t actually decompiling, but the names are kept the same to avoid confusion. Instead of actually decompiling, the plugin will attempt to lookup the source address and line for your running address, and then lookup the corresponding source code for it. You must ensure you have told the plugin where your source directories are by using add_source_path(). Lookups for a source address can be done via decompile_address() and decompile_function().