Quick Start

First off, head over to installation to get setup initially. Also, once you’re done with quick start, please take a moment to read about the philosophy to get a better understanding of how to use the tool.

Just Show Me

from revenge import Process

# Load up /bin/ls, but don't let it continue
p = Process("/bin/ls", resume=False)

# Optionally, specify argv and envp
p = Process(["/bin/ls", ".."], envp={'var1':'val1'})

# Print out some basic info about the running process

# Resume execution

# Interact with the process
p.stdout(12) # Read 12 bytes of stdout
p.stdout("something") # Read until "something" is in output
p.stderr(12) # Read 12 bytes of stderr
p.stdin(b"hello!\n") # Write to stdin
p.interactive() # Quasi-interactive shell. ctrl-c to exit.

Check out the examples for each platform for more quick start ideas.

A Little Deeper

The two cent starting guide is that everything in revenge hangs off the core class called Process.


This has traditionally been the starting point for opening applications, however in some cases (Android for the moment) it has become necessary to add a wrapper around Process to get the ball rolling. This is the Device class that is extended for various platforms. In the future, it will likely be the starting point for running an application.